Construction advisory service. Crisis and recovery management. Mediation. Dispute resolution.

Helping you to navigate through conflict and risk

Property and Construction

Construction advisory and business readiness

The design and construction of a specialist  education facility is a significant investment decision  for any organisation. Construction project demands are unforgiving and risks are high. Alex works with Executive teams, aligning construction delivery with your academic vision to maximise your return on investment.
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Crisis and Recovery Management

Business  performance
through recovery

In the chaos that follows disaster, it’s easy to lose sight of your long-term recovery. Knee-jerk decisions can have long term unanticipated consequences.
Alex brings Executive post-disaster recovery experience to your business to get your team focused and positioned to grow out of adversity.
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Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Navigating through conflict resolution

Unresolved conflict frequently results in diminishing productivity, low morale and unhappy staff and customers. Commercial disputes disrupt your business and often also end in costly litigation.  Alex works with parties in conflict or dispute to find wise solutions to help you move beyond an impasse.
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Maximise your business strategy with each construction investment

For engineers and builders, the ‘finish line’ is when the building opens. We understand that success is when your institution achieves the research and teaching outcomes the building is intended to enable. We work alongside your academic staff to familiarise them with the construction process and to integrate project delivery with Faculty planning and the academic year.

Stay focused on what matters during the chaos of a crisis

For business leaders a crisis can feel a bit like directing traffic from the middle of a chaotic intersection, with urgent issues flying at you from all directions.  In recovery phase the culture of your workplace becomes critical to the speed of your business recovery.  We work with you and your team to help you keep focused on what matters for your business.

Don't let unresolved conflict become corrosive in your business

Whether a conflict is a result of a 'one-off' difficulty, a series of small clashes or a complex commercial dispute, its impact can grow beyond the original parties and become debilitating to your business. We work with the parties supporting you to have difficult conversations to resolve the matters in dispute.
We can help you with the following:

Property & Construction

Integrating construction with faculty planning

Facilitate academic change management and integrate with project delivery to transition your department into new facilities with best effect
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Quality assurance

Ensure that your entire delivery team is focused on the right things to an appropriate standard in order to clear each milestone with confidence.

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Risk management

Forecasting and creatively mitigating risks throughout your project is a discipline requiring collaboration amongst the entire project team
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Crisis & Recovery

Crisis preparation and management

What are your crisis and recovery priorities? Develop a plan, find new roles for the right people and develop your internal practice to get back to business fast.
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Establish a constructive culture

Augment your management capacity with a supportive innovative culture, that helps your staff and your business to recover and build back better than ever before.
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Recovery portfolio planning

In post-crisis environments old processes may not support your recovery intentions, re-engineer how you work to enable the recovery of your entire business portfolio.
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Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution through mediation

Is conflict taking the joy out of your work and erroding your profitability? Take the stress out of your workplace and stay out of Court by mediating your business disputes.
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Conflict coaching

Transform behaviour by coaching staff on interpersonal conflict before problems become debilitating. Coaching can be tailored for teams or individuals.
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Dispute resolution

Aim to stay out of the Court room by engaging with disputes openly and fairly.
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About Me

Alex brings over twenty years of experience in property and construction, as well as broader experience in technology, crisis and recovery management and organisational transformation. In her most recent role as a Senior Executive of the University of Canterbury, she was responsible for delivering the post-earthquake recovery programme.

Alex is an accredited Mediator and Non-Executive Board Director.  She is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Company Directors, the Resolution Institute and the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand. 


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