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Get more customers with proven marketing strategies

At Alexanders, a marketing agency in Christchurch, we partner with established companies who have a good customer base, but would like marketing advice on how to get more customers, more regularly. Stretched too thin, time-wise, to research and implement it all?  With extensive experience in the field of digital marketing and an in-depth knowledge of technologies involved, we’re able to guide, prioritize and help to implement innovative and highly effective marketing strategies.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Christchurch that can enable your company to realise its expansion ambitions, we invite you to contact us now. We’ll work with you – or your in-house marketing team – to implement proven, tailored digital marketing and advertising strategies. Our specialists will help you to reach your target audience and get your marketing message across in the most effective manner possible.

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Benefits of working together


  • Get new customers & make your business more predictable and profitable
    We can help you to reach a wider audience with your digital marketing strategy, creating a more resilient customer base with increased sales and more reliable profits.
  • Get an action plan and new focus, with increased results from a similar spend
    By following a carefully crafted action plan, you’ll feel more clarity and be more energised to focus on your core marketing goals. This will enable you to enjoy better results, without the need for a large increase in your marketing budget.
  • Access an intelligent, friendly team of experts without having to hire extra staff
    Our experts will be there to help and support you, making it easier for you to employ more efficient marketing strategies without having to find the money to pay for more full-time employees.
  • Leap forward on your journey with courage, conviction and confidence
    Working with a team of specialists with a proven record of achievement will give you the confidence to pursue your new digital strategies and take full advantage of the latest tools & technologies.

Marketing is always changing; it’s more efficient to get pointers from marketing experts so you don’t end up with an outdated strategy. We closely follow the latest developments in digital marketing, which means we’re ideally placed to help you evolve your strategies in line with the latest directions.



Get ideas for a
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content plan


Seamless flow
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Be found
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Attract qualified
leads researching
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If you are keen to develop your capabilities under the guidance of a friendly marketing expert, Alexanders offers services that are registered with the Management Capability & COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund. As a full service digital marketing and advertising agency, we can mentor your in-house team, helping you to develop the skills required to fine-tune your marketing, and take full advantage of the opportunities for growth presented by new digital media marketing innovations as they appear.

Explore our marketing packages and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. All of our packages can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients and we’re more than happy to put together a custom package for your company. Some small and medium businesses may be eligible for funding, which is well worth exploring if you would like to take advantage of our specialist marketing services without increasing your existing budget.



We offer a full range of web design and development services. From strategic guidance and mentoring on how to improve your existing site, web site updates through to turnkey new sites, pick a web design service that serves your immediate requirements. As one of the most experienced web design and digital marketing agencies in NZ, our sweet spot is producing web designs that are highly effective at generating qualified leads from potential customers – as well as being visually stunning.

Whether you are interested in consolidating your existing position in the marketplace, focusing on future growth, marketing your services to new geographical areas or completely transforming your corporate image, our team can help you to achieve your goals.

Website no longer serving its purpose?


Showcase your current capability and get something more “now” with improved UX (user experience) and cool interactivity. WordPress website design options from $10,000 if you have editing capability, or $15,000 to $35,000 for custom designs. We have some simple but smart options for $3-5k for start-ups. Whatever your budget and requirements, we can provide you with a web design service that is a perfect fit for your company and its aspirations. Our UX specialists have created user-friendly websites for many companies in NZ and elsewhere: websites that generate more leads and conversions, helping to improve ROI on marketing spends.

Overhauling a well-established website is an undertaking that requires careful planning and implementation. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to transform your site without alienating you existing customers. Using creative design techniques and following modern UX best practices, we can update your website and ensure that it presents your services and work in the best light possible.

Ecommerce solutions


Set up a new revenue channel or step up to a more robust system that reduces admin. As WooCommerce and BigCommerce developers, we can produce ecommerce solutions that utilise the most effective sales platforms to maximise your online revenue. Given the exponential growth in online sales, we think it is vital for all companies in New Zealand to take advantage of the opportunities for increased direct sales that modern ecommerce platforms offer.

Our ecommerce services extend far beyond the design and development of online stores. We can help you to define an effective strategy, optimise conversion rates across your entire range of products or services, target relevant search terms used by potential customers and utilise Google Shopping to boost sales. We can also help you to optimise your ecommerce website for mobile devices and manage risk with an effective cyber security strategy.


When you want your website to deliver more customers, get our digital detectives on the case. Understand why your competitors are outranking you on Google. Digital marketing techniques such as Google Ads, ranking better on Google, and improving the user experience on your site will transform your results.

From onsite SEO and Google Ads to social media campaigns and ecommerce marketing strategies, we provide a comprehensive range of web marketing services to clients in New Zealand and further afield. We follow best digital marketing practices to ensure outstanding results and because we stay abreast of the latest trends, we’re able to help our clients to follow marketing strategies that remain highly effective as conditions change and technologies evolve.

Whether you would like us to fine-tune your existing web marketing strategies or re-imagine them completely, you can rely on our team to meet your needs. We can offer you a number of proven web marketing strategies from which to choose, or develop a custom solution that targets specific goals as identified by your in-house team. We take a very flexible approach, which has helped to make us one of the most effective web marketing agencies in NZ today.



Do you already have a WeChat verified account or Chinese client base? Or are you interested in learning more about WeChat marketing? Our fluent Mandarin content writer can create regular posts, guide you as to what is culturally appropriate, and recommend campaigns to reach Chinese in New Zealand. The growing Chinese market, both in New Zealand and in China itself, is one that no company should ignore if they wish to remain relevant in the long-term. Utilising our expertise, you can make sure that your Chinese marketing campaigns are on point and highly effective.

Whilst many of the same marketing strategies employed in the West work equally well with Chinese-language audiences, there are a number of key differences that make it difficult for inexperienced, non-native speakers to put together a compelling marketing campaign in Mandarin. Don’t take a chance with this important and growing market: let our team help you to make the right impression from the start.


Boutique digital marketing agency, Christchurch

Established 25 years ago, we strive to keep two steps ahead, so we can lead our clients and keep up with the play. We work with clients nationwide, travelling and also meeting on Zoom. Some Christchurch marketing agencies are cheap and cheerful. We’re more the intelligent, enthusiastic, considered types.

Wondering who is the best marketing agency in Christchurch that fits your company? Feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements in detail with one of our specialists. With over a quarter of a century of experience and a team of experts who have an enviable record of achievement, we are capable of putting together truly creative and highly effective digital marketing strategies that lead to real improvements in turnover and profitability.

Who we work with

We work with companies of all sizes in a diverse range of industries. We primarily work with B2B and non-retail B2C (such as construction, medical, technology, education, agriculture, manufacturing, export). Our clients include nationwide marketing managers & coordinators, progressive owners of established companies who understand the value of experience, and funded entrepreneurs hungry to make their mark. We also support agencies who value our niche expertise and know we won’t steal their customers.
Whether you are in the process of revitalising an organisation with a rich history or implementing expansion plans for a relatively new company that has yet to make a real impression in the marketplace, you’ll find our services will help you to achieve your aims in the most efficient manner possible. Whatever your specific needs, we look forward to working with you and to ensuring that your future digital marketing efforts yield the results you desire.


Hone your online


Why Alexanders?

Measurable results

Measurable results

Know which half of your ad budget works! At last an agency with a focus on results – not awards.

We're perfectly sized

We're perfectly sized

We’re big enough to take on everything you can throw at us but not so big that you’ll get lost in the system.

Automated lead generation

Automated lead generation

Turn your website into a lead magnet, so you can get on with doing business rather than hunting for it.

We only surprise you nicely

We only surprise you nicely

It’s easy to keep tabs on quotes via our handy digital approval platform.

Measurable results

See measurable returns. At last an agency with a focus on results – not awards.

Capable friendly team

We’re big enough to take on everything you can throw at us but not so big that you’ll get lost in the system. You get to see us before, during and after every job, not just at the Christmas party.

Lead magnet

Turn your website into a lead magnet, so you can get on with doing business rather than hunting for it.

Convenient system

It’s easy to keep tabs on quotes via our handy digital approval platform.

Customer Reviews

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a marketing agency or marketing consultant?

4 reasons why companies hire a marketing agency or marketing consultant

  1.  Bolster your team’s capability, without the commitment of engaging additional staff
  2. Access expertise in digital marketing, marketing strategy, graphic design, web design, professional writing, ppc campaign management (pay per click), and seo (web optimisation)
  3. Increase marketing momentum: with a marketing consultant, you get a focussed guide to develop a marketing plan and ensure your activities come in on time and on budget.
  4. Improve return on your marketing spend. Get guidance on how you can redirect your existing spend to multiply results.
  5. It’s a battle to survive and thrive. Get support on your journey with specialist expertise that complements your in-house skill-set.
How do you work with big vs small companies vs start ups?

For small to medium companies, we create digital plans, improve the flow of their website and set up campaigns, or build new websites.

Bigger marketing departments use us for website rebuilds, customer journeys, user experience workshops, managing Google Ads, SEO, branding, ecommerce systems or integrations, and projects that they lack time to get to.

Mature startups come with a basic website and get advice on what they need to do to get more customers.

When should I hire a marketing agency?

5 common situations when people hire marketing agencies:

  1. You’re so busy that you don’t have time to do marketing well, or explore a marketing opportunity.  You want to bring in a competent marketing agency to get it done properly, with some recommendations and potentially some help to execute the recommendations on a monthly basis.
  2. Your company is well-established and you already spend a sizeable sum on marketing, but you’re not convinced the money is well spent.  You want advice from your marketing agency on how to re-prioritise your spend and bring on a fresh approach.
  3. You have engaged a marketing junior with a good head to take care of communications, but they lack the experience or credibility to truly steer the business forward.  With a little independent guidance by the marketing agency, your junior can be more effective, executing a well-thought-out plan with a bit of outside help where required, increasing your ROI on marketing spend.
  4. You’ve just bought a business which has sound fundamentals, but needs some contemporary marketing.  Probably the web site could perform better or perhaps the branding is tired.  It’s time to energise and rejuvenate the proposition with a fresh marketing campaign, brand and or web site upgrade.
  5. You are a proven entrepreneur, with capital ready to deploy a new strategy.  You want professional marketing guidance to steer the project to the best start.
How will search marketing help my business?
  1. It will bring leads, without you having to knock on any doors by connecting people looking for your product or service, with your website.
  2. It will bring your brand to the attention of people who have not heard of you but are in the market for your products or services.

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